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I am the host and Founder , Jen aka Emi ( on the left side of the pic ) and my two co host Honi and Mo are happy that you could finally view our content and our lives via our website.

Dont worry we arent too exciting, we just wanted a place to host our cosplay and well our up in coming merch.

We are a Lecturer , Digital Artist and Fashion Designer respectively in that exact order ( via the pic left to right) .

So when we are not adulting, we are talking about the Asian culture while being in the west oh and did I mention as Black women!

Come take a stroll down our very opinionated lane.

Here’s some of our cosplays and panels below


Patreon is Live

HI everyone I am dropping in to say that we are FINALLY LIVE!!! Come check us out and join. Much love. -Emi Join HereMore

Anime corners : Cosplay Love :Otakon

 Hey guys  Ive been BUSY!!!! I am tired but I had to make sure to catch up on my blogs because its my muse. I love what I do and my Blog anniversary is next week! I am excited and hope that we are able to do something fun but safe. I am blessed to…More

Random Chat Session

Summary Maybe we talk about video games maybe anime. Maybe as my guest says “Waffle House” It’s never on topic. Enjoy. Also special shout-out to our buddy @glosuke ,on all social media outlets .Check out his Twitch also. He’s streaming Yakuza!! You can find us via Instagram @ Too_full_of_kultur. There you will find our other…More

Our Hosts


Creator and host . 20 year cosplayer . 15 plus year kpop/ jpop listener. Business owner,cat mom, Doc of Economics. Blogger , creator. Anime lover, gaming lover, and so on .

Honi & Momo ( left to right)

Co host . combined cosplay of 4 years. Honi is a digital designer and kpop listener of 10 + years. Momo is a fashion designer and kpop listener of 5 years. Both love anime , gaming and so on.

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